Every world has its dawn: an age full of gods and demons, of heroes battling monsters and casting out evil. In the golden rosy dawn of the world, the possibilities seem endless. No matter how desperate a situation may be, hope always lurks around the very next corner.

Alas, that age is over, and on the heels of the silvery twilight that now creeps across the land, a darkness is rising: something dark and cloying and full of terrible promise. Prophets and seers scream in their sleep, calling out unpronounceable names that they – thankfully – forget when they fully awaken. Ornamental fountains and laughing brooks, once so full of sunlight and joy, grow still and silent. Crops fail, harvests grow poor, and cattle are born mutilated, their twisted bodies unfit even for butcher’s knife; but still the taxman cometh, and the kings and princes – safe behind their castles and high walls – continue to grow fat, lazy and complacent, heedless of the plight of their people.

It is fortunate, then, that even in the darkest of nights, there is light. At first, a spark; then, a flickering flame that, with some luck, may yet grow into something bigger.


Low fantasy moving into Gothic fantasy. The world hasn’t gone to hell yet, but it’s headed there for sure. Magic is rare and dangerous, requiring either years of study with the Hermetic Order, dark pacts with powerful otherworldly forces, or both. Wounds will fester if left untreated, death is almost always permanent, and enchanted artefacts – in addition to being rare – are also often cursed. Good luck!

Setting Aspects

  • A New Dawn: The New Dawn are trying to bring about the end of the world, that they may usher it into a new dawn and a brighter beginning. They have members in every prominent organisation, and so far they’ve been doing quite a bang-up job of bringing about the end.
  • Darkness Rising: Greed and corruption is beginning to creep across the land, twisting the hearts of even the most earnest of men and women. The golden age is over, and a pallid darkness is now casting a shadow over the light that once shone at the heart of every castle and city.


The Librarium, the City of Books. There are only two rules in the Librarium: never damage a book, and never try to take a book out of the city. Those who break these rules disappear from the face of the earth forever: no exceptions.

Location Aspects

  • Torn Pages: No force on earth or heaven can stop someone from being “disappeared” after damaging or stealing a book. Consequently, nobody dares screw around when a book’s safety is at stake.

Quartet Tales

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