Quartet Tales


The party receive sealed orders from the Cult and are told to deliver them to the Cult in Hallowstone. However, they are also warned that the Hallowstone fraternity has stopped sending communiques about two months ago, and that the party should take care.

They travel to the city, finding it unseasonably cold for the time of the year, and observe that there are significantly less travellers than they are used to. However, they otherwise reach their destination without too much trouble save one.

Midway, Baryl realises that his pact is due and that he must sacrifice a virgin lamb to appease the demon. He purchases a newborn lamb from travelling merchants and leads it with him until he reaches the city. However, the party – sensing that something is off – corners and questions him about his weird behaviour. Baryl eventually breaks and admits to making a pact with the demon.

The party watch him sacrifice the lamb at a crossroads, and Brother Thomas takes the bracelet from Baryl in the hopes that it would stop the corruption from spreading further. Elissa proposes that Baryl should never be allowed to go anywhere by himself, lest he get himself further mired in darkness.

The party visit the Academy, where Leo encounters an old warrior of the Fifth Circle ranting and raving about how the previous mayor was killed. They also come across a few members of the local New Dawn amongst the First Circle initiates, but they seem to be merely newblood sent to replace the old cultists from the Vale and are currently stuck in a holding pattern.

The party hits up an underground casino and cause a scene. Baryl accidentally flashes too much gold in the process and armed thugs try to mug them. Leo cleaves one of the thugs from shoulder to groin, and Baryl punches the man’s face in with a flaming fist as Elissa runs to get guards.

The party finds rooms in the Swan and Goose, a reasonably upscale tavern. They learn from the innkeeper that the old Mayor was really brought to court before the Temple of Stendarr, even though most people simply think that the old Mayor left town. Nobody is sure what the exact punishment was, but the temple of Stendarr will likely have records.

Elissa sends off letters to their respective masters: to the Master of Coin, and to their Cult contact in Librarium. The Master of Coin replies within a day stating that her resources do not extend beyond the Librarium.

The party decides to enter the Temple and, under the auspices of Brother Thomas, manage to get themselves into the rooms of the head priest. While the head priest is distracted by the rest of the party, Baryl enters the records room and steals the book with a record of the Mayor’s crimes and punishment.

The book states that the Mayor was accused of apostasy by the current Mayor – a strict believer of Stendarr – and was brought to court for this very reason. The priests prayed on the matter, and the ex-Mayor was eventually found guilty and sentenced to being drawn and quartered in the basements of the temple. Six of his other confidantes were also accused of the same crime, and they were also summarily executed for it.



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