Quartet Tales

World Creation

The Beginning of the End

Brother Thomas loses his grandfather to an accident in New Haven. Leo, passing through, prevents Brother Thomas from jumping into the swamp to try and save his grandfather as the situation is obviously beyond hope.

Brother Thomas asks the elders of New Haven why do they not drain the obviously artificial swamp that city is founded on but gets not only a non-response, but is also further forbidden from seeking out the answer. Disgruntled, Brother Thomas leaves New Haven in search for answers.

Passing through the Vale of Tears on his way to the Librarium, Brother Thomas sees a tavern catch on fire. He removes the carriage blocking the doorway and leaves in the confusion, letting some girl who dove from the second storey window take the credit for being a hero.

That girl is Elissa, a bard of some renown who was playing at the Golden Goose. Despite having always sung of heroes and heroic deeds, this was her first taste of actually being the hero, and she decided that she liked how it felt. Quietly packing her things, she decided to follow the mysterious figure who was the real hero.

Elissa contacts the Academy and arranges for a bodyguard to accompany her to the Librarium. Leo answers the contract, and the two of them begin making their way to the Librarium in the footsteps of Brother Thomas.

Elissa arrives at the Librarium and sets herself up in the Five-Fingered Discount. A crazy fan sends her a bracelet, which Leo tosses out of the window because “it is a security risk to accept gifts from strangers”.

Baryl picks up the bracelet and, looking over the strange runes finely etched on the inside of the band, becomes curious enough to wear it. The fire demon imprisoned within the bracelet tries to possess Baryl, and the two of them struggle mentally, with Baryl coming out on top.

With the demon safely confined to a corner of his mind, Baryl wisely decides to leave the Librarium lest his newfound elemental powers cause him to accidentally torch a book and get him “disappeared”.

Brother Thomas, after learning that there are no temples within Librarium, decides to make his way to a rundown shrine on the outskirts of town to pay his respects and to thank his god for a safe journey. Elissa and Leo follows.

On the way there, they are jumped by bandits, and both Elissa and Leo are held captive. Baryl finds them and, seeing that they are unconscious, decides to save them with his newfound powers.

Brother Thomas, returning from his pilgrimage, passes by and is the only one who sees Baryl torching the bandits and their camp. He decides that the gods have led him to his point so that he can save this mage and help him turn his back on the foul powers that he has pledged his soul to.

They all return to the Five-Fingered Discount to celebrate, but midway discover that their purses have all be lifted. Unable to pay their tab, the innkeeper says that they may pay in kind instead.

Seeing how they look like the sort who can handle themselves, he tells them that he has a rat infestation in his cellars and, if they would just find the source of the infestation and clear them out, he would consider their debts paid.



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