High Concept: Lore-Seeker

Trouble: Insatiable Curiosity


  • Easily Tempted By Power
  • Possessed by Minor Demon
  • Inner Peace Despite External Chaos


  • Spellcraft +4
  • Will +3
  • Notice +3
  • Search +2
  • Empathy +2
  • Lore +2
  • Contacts (Librarium) +1
  • Rapport +1
  • Deceive +1
  • Athletics +1


  • Word of Fire: may use Spellcraft to manipulate natural fire or create a sickly green flame.
  • Inner Fire: may use Will to defend against hostile magic
  • Runner’s Eye: may use Notice to observe something interesting about a place


  • 2 Physical
  • 4 Mental

When you look in a dictionary and look up the word “Inquisitive”, you might find a picture of Baryl attached there. Why? The man is so innately curious about a lot of things, and although it gets him into trouble more often than not, Baryl will still be curious enough to well… Be curious. This leads to Baryl throwing common sense out of the window more often than not, or generally be oblivious to something that is well be dangerous. Ironically, this man lives in the Librarium, you’d think he’d start to look up the things he is curious about. Alas, Baryl prefers the hands-on approach, which doesn’t always turn out well. Having fatefully encountered the rest of the group, will Baryl’s inquisitive nature prove to be an asset, or will his curiosity lead to his and/or the group’s untimely and gruesome demise?


Quartet Tales jaiden_nemesis