Librarium Council

This is private information.

The Librarium Council rules the City as a whole. Said to be made up of the seven most powerful mages in the world, the Council rarely interfere with the day-to-day affairs of the city, preferring instead to let society sort itself out. The one thing that they actively involve themselves in are matters of land claims. A deed issued by the Council is considered to be inviolate and is the only way one manages to hold down any property in the city.

This is privileged information.

There are indeed seven people on the Council, though not all of them are mages. The real identities of the Council are a mystery even to the other members, for they attend every Council meeting garbed and masked as befitting their office, and refer to each other only by their offices.

The seven offices of the Council are:

  • Lord of the Hunt
  • Lord of the Coin
  • Lord of the Hammer
  • Lord of the Stables
  • Lord of the Wind
  • Lord of the Land
  • Lord of the Altar

The titles, garbs and masks of office – in addition to whatever secrets that a Council member must know – are handed down from Council member to member, and nobody outside of the seven is quite sure what they mean or refer to. Nobody has even so much as seen a Council member’s mask, but it is known that they exist, and are always worn during Council meetings.

There is never an empty seat on the Council. If a Council member were to die a natural death, he or she would have necessarily made already arrangements for a successor to step into his/her shoes. However, it is more likely for a Council member to be deposed of and replaced. As long as an individual has all the marks of a Council member’s office, he/she is immediately accepted as a new Council Member and treated with the respect and deference as befitting his/her new rank.

Librarium Council

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