New Dawn

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The New Dawn believes that they have a moral, spiritual or philosophical responsibility to bring about the end of the world so that they may usher a new one in. They plan to do this by awakening an ancient god – one that has been sealed away since the beginning of time by the other gods – and, although they have not been successful so far, appear to be on the verge of success.

The cult has members everywhere and in every strata of society. After all, the rich and powerful want to preserve their power in the new world, while the poor and disaffected cannot wait to see the end of this world. The cult’s promise is a powerful one, and their numbers grow steadily day by day.

The God

According to the cult, the Jailed God was so imprisoned because the other gods were jealous of its love for humanity, and afraid of how much more powerful humanity would grow if the god continued to teach and instruct us. What has been given cannot be taken away, even by another god, and so – to limit humanity’s power and prevent us from reaching our full potential, as the Jailed God so desired for us – they sealed away one of their own kind in the depths of the earth.

The domains of the Jailed God are unclear, but the cultists believe that earthquakes and volcanoes are manifestations of the god’s wrath. It is currently unknown how the cult intends to free the god, but their efforts so far involve a lot of bloodshed and dark magic.

New Dawn

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