High Concept: Glory to the Academy

Trouble: Overly Eager To Prove Himself


  • Hatred of Bandits
  • Irrational Hatred of Magic Users
  • Protective of Charges


  • Fight +4
  • Physique +3
  • Athletics +3
  • Rapport +2
  • Empathy +2
  • Provoke +2
  • Ride +1
  • Will +1
  • Throwing +1
  • Smithy +1


  • Sow The Wind: may use Fight to defend against enemy attacks
  • Taunt: gain +2 to Provoke in combat
  • Rugged Traveller: gain +2 to Physique when travelling


  • 4 Physical
  • 3 Mental

Leo is a brash young graduate of the Academy who, though desperate to prove himself and the worth of his school, is still somewhat green behind the gills. In his first job to escort Elissa from the Vale of Tears to the Librarium, he managed to get himself disarmed and kidnapped by some bandits; bandits that he has since vowed vengeance on. However, given that he has so failed his charge, he has also vowed to see Elissa’s quest through, and will not rest until both his promises come true.


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